How to prepend the digits


I am using freepbx for the interface to create extensions and every thing i am trying to configure the out bound routes my provider giving some 9 digit prefix + 1+number then only it go out of my asterisk box. i have created the outboud rule such a away that 9digitprefix+1NXXNXXXXXX but the call is not going through i need to dial whole 19 digit numbers then only calls are going through how to prepend my 9digit prefix to my dialing number.

please help me out…

I have never had any luck pre-pending digits in the outbound routes. It will work just fine in the trunk’s dial rules however.

HOWTO: Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules

Once you understand the information presented there, you may be able to figure out where you’ve erred. And as jmullinix points out, you have to prepend digits in the trunk (which is really the only place it makes sense to do it, since that’s very much a provider-dependent thing).

You do not do this with the outbound routes, You do it on the Trunk page like this for example:

Caller ID: 5555551212

Dial Rules:

123456789+XXXXXXXXXXX ------ for your long distance (US calling)(these are your digits)(12…9)
123456789+XXXXXXXXXXXXX ------ add as many "x"s you need depending on the number of digits to be dialed.

Name: Trunk name

Peer Details:


User Context: from-trunk

User Details


As you can see it is in the Dial rules (trunk section) where you will add this parameters, Also a very easy outbound route to use will be the default one (using 9) and then dialing the number with the 1 of course like this:
Your users will dial 915555551212
The dial rule will prepend the digits to the trunk and the Outbound route will dismiss the 9.
I use Quintum gateways and they sometimes use this, also my main provider requires this as well. Should you need more assistant email me at [email protected]
I hope it solves your issues.