How to prepend 9 with a pause?

I have tried a 9ww in the prepend digit on a trunk group and also a 9ww in the Outbound Dial Prefix and I do not get a pause in either way. Is there some secret way of doing it???


POTS I assume? If that is the case, you probably need w9w - the first 9 is probably being emitted too soon and is not being heard by the PBX you are behind - w is a .5 second (500ms) wait. Since you are waiting for outside (or pseudo outside) dialtone, w9w is probably the way to go.


Thanks for the advice Greg, but WHERE do put the w9w?? In the prepend entry in the OUT ROUTE or the TRUNK GROUP??? or in the field called “Outbound Dial Prefix” for the trunk group???



Outbound Dial Prefix for the Trunk.

Yo Greg…

In the Outbound Dial Prefix I placed a w9ww. The 9 was properly prepended but there is NO PAUSE!