How to playback recorded voicmail greetings?

Hi everybody,

I am running freepbx 2.11 on asterisk 11.7.0.
Is it possible to listen to a recorded voicemail greeting?

After i recorded the voicemail greeting (busy.wav and unavail.wav), which were stored to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/device/“extension”/ i try to listen to it. After dialing *97 on the extension i did not find any menupoint to listen to the greeting.

Thanks for your help

After you record the greetings you are given the option to listen to them and rerecord if you want. This allows you to check the greeting after you create it and rerecord it if you want. I am not sure if there is an option to listen to a greeting from the menus after it is recorded and saved.

The greeting should be played if you call the extension so you can listen to it at that point.

What would the the purpose of listening to the greeting after you have had the chance to record it and review it after creation?

It would be only for the boss, so that he could check the current voicemail greeting of the office. I think it will be once a month (when changing the greeting or if setting a temorary greeting)

Thats right, but we have one recording for unavailable and one for busy. So for me the quickest way was to create 2 users (I’m running devices & user mode) with a special extension number. If the boss wants to listen to the greeting he only has to dial this extension.

anyway thank your for your help

Another option is through the UCP (User Control Panel). After logging in, navigate to the voicemail menu where you’ll find greetings which you can play through the browser.

BTW, you can also listen/copy the audio files. They are located on the server in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/[extension]

Look for greet.wav, busy.wav, & unavail.wav.

I typically sftp into the server & download the files.

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