How to play the massage to other party while using DISA

I would like to use DISA with call recording. For legal reasons the called party have to be informed that the call is being recorded. Is there a way to play a message when the call is connected?
In DISA configuration page I see that only thing allowing changes would be custom context but I have no idea how to start with it. Any help would be appreciated.

You would need to make your own dialplan to accomplish this. Here is some reading material, if you are interested.

IMO this is not a good idea. The announcement might end up being played to an automated system or a receptionist that fields the call, so the intended callee never hears it. This could be later challenged.

The caller should say something like “Good morning. This is John Doe from Acme on a recorded line.” Adding ‘on a recorded line’ takes less than two seconds of the caller’s time, less than he would be delayed by waiting for an automated announcement.


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