How to play same IVR every day and at the same time to all extensions (message to a group)

I’m new with freepbx.
I have a request from my boss to setup a new feature with freepbx. He wants to remember the end of the labor day to the group (similar than a bell at the school). I’d like to play the same IVR every day an at the same time to all extensions (eg. “Labor time over”). I was researching and I have added “Time Groups”, “Time Conditions” and “Ring Groups” modules and I didn’t find the right way to complete this request.
Can anybody help me ?
Thanks in advance.

IVR is for interactive menus. You want a combination of:

  • crontab (timer)
  • .call files (causes a call to be placed) or other way of doing an ‘originate’ command in Asterisk.
  • recording
  • Page() application (“Paging and Intercom” in FreePBX)

Pages phones

Places outbound calls to the given technology / resource and dumps
them into a conference bridge as muted participants. The original
caller is dumped into the conference as a speaker and the room is
destroyed when the original caller leaves. Valid options are:
d - full duplex audio
q - quiet, do not play beep to caller
r - record the page into a file (see ‘r’ for app_meetme)

I think the only part you’ll configure within FreePBX is the Paging and Intercom bit, and the rest are more at the custom level with Asterisk and the Linux operating system (cron).

Thanks for your reply.
So I’ll need an specialist to develop custom with Asterisk.
Thank you very much.

Take a look at this:

The files you’d modify in FreePBX would be the *_custom.conf files.

You’d cron this everyday at the appropriate time, sending it to a page group feature code.