How to play an announcement after answer to an outbound call?

Hey everyone,

Google didn’t help me to find an answer for my question, so that’s why I’m here.

Is there a possibility to do something like this:

  1. Agent/Extension → outbound call → calls Customer.
  2. Customer phone is ringing.
  3. Customer answer the phone and after that, an announcement is playing (“We inform you that the call is recorded. If you continue the call you accept bla bla bla”).
  4. After the announcement for the customer is played, the call may continue between agent and customer.
  5. (nice to have) While the announcement for customer is playing, another one for the agent is playing (eg: “The customer responded. You’ll be connected with him in 3,2,1.”).

Is this scenario possible with FreePBX?

Thank you in advance!

Sure, see the A option to Dial: Home - Asterisk Documentation .

But IMO this is not a good idea. If the call is answered by a receptionist, the customer won’t be properly informed. If the call is answered by an IVR, the agent may not hear what option to choose. If the call goes to voicemail, part or all of the greeting will be lost and the agent won’t know how to respond. And it still wastes the agents time while the announcement is being played.

Just instruct the agent to say something like “Hello, this is John from Acme Widgets on a recorded line.” Unless the customer queries him further, this costs the agent only about two seconds.

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