How to only provision linekeys when they are actually used - Yealink


I would like to know if there is an easy way to stop provisioning empty linekeys.
On tthe Yealink templates (basefile) there are a lot of linekey.# lines, to provision the buttons on the phones.
Because those entries are blank by default, each time the phone is provisioned, the users own linekeys - set on the phone - are overwritten.
Is it possible to not provision the linekeys when they are not set by the EPM? and for the customer to keep their own settings?
When a key is programmed from the EPM, this value can of course be set and programmed to the phone.


Get a license for EPM for UCP, and have your users config their own buttons using UCP, that way there is no conflict between provisioning and manual button setup.

That is the commercial way…in the past this was possible.
So, when I manually remove the linekey. lines from the basefile, they are not ‘reset’ but also not able to provision anymore, until I reactivate them in the basefile.

Isn’t there a free way to get this to work anymore?
And in free, I mean using the commercial endpoint provisioning tool that was paid for.

My customers can set keys pretty easy themselves on the phone, just press the button fo a few seconds and program it. 30 seconds, much faster then the UCP.

I had the same issue users would edit their phones because they are easy enough to setup some BLF’s and who doesn’t want that custom speeddial for their spouse’s cell phone and the phone checks in and sees to update config or i push a firmware upgrade and now they have to set that up again.

I ended up caving and going with EPM for UCP and now my users log into UCP and change button configs. Also now my users are using UCP more.

This is not a EPM issue. This is a yealink issue where the GUI of the phone is always overridden by config file. For example Sangoma Phones you can control does the GUI changes override config files or do config files override GUI changes.

Hey Tony,

your update did the trick!
When following this manual you can let the UI lead!