How to offer authentication a different way


I have a machine which runs smoothly as it should.
But everytime I try to call out, I get a SIP 603 declined and then everyone is congested/busy at this time.

Let me explain to you the situation.

The pbx was setup at this current location with a certain IP.
There had been made a trunk to an online provider to be able to make external calls.
Everything worked without a problem but then the pbx got moved to a different location and received a new private and public IP.
Since then it gave me the sip 603 declined message.

I’ve contacted the provider and they told me that it’s a problem on how the authentication is being offered.
Which is weird because it worked before without any problems. (The change in location was also a change of country)

I had received a useraccount and password to have the trunk register to the provider which worked ok, after moving the pbx, it still registers but still giving me a declined message and their support is 0 on this matter.

When I was talking to techsupport, they allowed authentication on the public IP instead of using the user/password.
Making the calls worked like a charm but then they closed the IP authentication again due to security reasons (which I understand).

Now my question is, what could be causing this or how can I fix this?
Especially since the only thing changed was the country and public/private IP.


I managed to register the pbx with the provider by using the external IP and enabling nat.
Now I can make outgoing calls but there’s no audio on both sides AND there’s a huge delay (when hanging up a phone, the dialed person keeps ringing for a while and asterisk cli shows the hangup after about 8sec)

As for incoming calls I can see them coming in on the pbx but the dialparties spits out an EXTENSION_STATE: 4 (unavailable).
The person who called gets a message that the number is not available and my pbx shows that everyone is busy/congested.

Could this be due to not having a dns or reversed dns linked to the public ip?

Oh btw, this is Trixbox 2.8.
But it can communicate with the Freepbx latest version we have at HQ without a problem.
(Yes we still need to swap that trixbox for a freepbx but for now we will just have to use that one)


THe reason you need to upgrade the trixbox is for support.

YOu need to configure nat properly on the trixbox and your router.