How to not have missed calls for FollowMe-Extensions


Hey there,
currently, whenever a followme-extension is ringing and the caller hangs up, the call will be marked as missed on both the original extension and the followme-extension.
Is there a way to mark it as “answered elswhere” for the followmes and only have the missed call be displayed on the original extension?

(Chris Dolese) #2

not that im aware of - the feature you’re describing is one ive only seen with queues and ringgroups


Kind of ironic. I’m using a queue in this call flow, but it only has one agent (the one with the followme-setup) because I need the following flow:

  • Call joins queue
  • First agent is being rung
  • If first agent doesn’t answer in n seconds, ALL agents are being rung.

That’s a feature I only know from followme, which is why I’ve set it up this way.
But even then, the call would be marked as missed everywhere or nowhere.

(Alejandro) #4

It sounds like you just need 2 ring groups or queues.
1 that has the missed call notification turned off and 1 that has it turned on.
Then split the groups however you would like.

You should be able to call a ring group from within a queue and vice versa.