How to not announce extension?

We have a very small home office and don’t want the voicemail greeting to say our extention number (so people won’t know sales, billing, etc.) are the same person. So, for example, it would say something like “the person you are trying to reach is not available…”

Any setting to take out the extension greeting?

If you record an unavailable and a busy greeting for a voicemail box, it won’t play the recording “the person at extension…”

Once you’ve created the greetings the normal way (using the voicemail menus) you can find them in the following path:


It’s possible to replace the wav files with others of the same format and with the same permissions and ownership (if you wanted to string some Allison recordings together, for example), if you know how to edit audio.

There are probably other ways to accomplish what you want, but this should work.

There are a few ways. Easiest is to log into your mailbox with *97 and follow the prompts to record the messages. As I recall, when you do that they replace the defaults.