How to multi tier queue without hangup between tiers?

I have a user that is really determined to have this scenario, and I am having a hard time making it happen-

Q500: Agent 101 + 102 ring all.
Rings for 6 seconds (2 rings).

After 2 rings it rolls over to Q501:
Agent 101 + 102 + 103 ring all.
20 seconds.

The users are thinking that it has been ringing for 2 rings, and will continue to ring while also ringing agent 103 - but this is not the case… Q500 has actually stopped ringing, and has now transferred the call to Q501, at which point their phones begin to ring again.

If 101/102 grabs the call at precisely 6.1 seconds it has actually already stopped ringing and is about to start the 2nd ring iteration to Q501 - the users are confused that a dial tone is heard, while other phones are ringing around them.

I am wondering if there is a way to add the 3rd agent while continuing to ring the first 2.

It is kind of close to the behavior of FollowMe with initial ring set… but not quite.

I know this can easily be remedied with some hand written code, just wondering if there is a method to use fpbx?

Did you ever get this figured out? Looking at doing a similar setup.

No, I am betting some hand written dial plain could make it happen, but have not had time to tackle it.

Queue Pro may fit your needs, it allows you to dynamically set queue penalties in a single queue (you wouldn’t need to forward to a second queue.) The is a free trial available for this module for your testing purposes.