How to move extensions from extensons.conf to freepbx?

So now I have asterisk 11.6.0 and freepbx 3.0.0.

There are two trunk - for communication with a lync [lync_trunk] and for communication with sip provider [sipnet_trunk].

for [lync_trunk] there is: context=from_lync
and for [sipnet_trunk] there is: context=from_sipnet

These contexts I created manually in extensions.conf:

exten => _.,1,Dial(SIP/lync_trunk/+123123,120) ;this is auto attendant number and I want to route all incoming to this number.
exten => _.,n,Hangup

exten => _+.,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CALLERID(num):1}) ;I need to modify CALLERID because provider don’t accept cyrillic names
exten => _+.,1,Dial(SIP/sipnet_trunk/${EXTEN:1},120)
exten => _+,n,Hangup

Now all work. But I want to implement the same thing using the routes in freepbx web interface. Is it possible?

We don’t have a FreePBX v3.

What OS is this installed on?

And yes, you can setup the Lync trunk in FreePBX, the latest version is 2.11

Sorry I don’t find version in FreePBX web interface, and write version from ISO file. Two week ago I install AsteriskNOW iso(and there was CentOS).

p.s. all trunks work fine, but I want to set up more properly and using only a web interface.

Nevertheless, can somebody tell me how to do it?

Are you familiar with Google, first hit: