How to move / clone / copy FreePBX to different hardware?

I have a FreePBX 2.9 installation on one machine, and I’m wanting to move it to a different computer, with different hardware.

I tried using both Acronis and Clonezilla to clone the HD from the old machine into the new one. The cloning succeeded, but when I tried to boot from the HD, I would get a “Kernel panic” error while it was loading.

I’m just looking for the easiest way to move from one computer to another with dissimilar hardware. I guess I can reinstall FreePBX on the new one, but then I have to reconfigure everything, reinstall my modules, et cetera.

I’m thinking there must be a better way. Any tips on what I can do to move EVERYTHING from one computer to another?


I would build the new system with a FreePBX distro. You should be able to backup the old system and them restore it on the new system. You might have to reinstall some drivers and modules but it will probably be less work than trying to copy everything over.

You could also have the guys at paid support for the migration. I bet they could do it quickly for a small cost.

Why not try taking the HD (if not in a RAID array) from the old computer and put it into your new PC (if the hardware type is OK in the new box).

I tried moving the HD, but unfortunately got the same error.

The kernel panic could be related to a number of variables. I’d also suggest building the new Asterisk box and then restoring from backup of the old one. In my opinion, the end result will be much more solid/reliable than trying to actually clone it.

Definitely use the backup/restore approach - that way the OS will load all the correct drivers for the new hardware.

I suspect the restore will be easier than you think…