How to Monitor Running Calls on Inbound Route

Hello All,
I am writing this post after researching a lot and finding nothing.
So there we are:
I am making a project where in I can monitor the running calls on all the DID’s we have in the SIP Trunk.
So, if we have a DID with TFN: 888-480-8532 and 888-480-8533, both the DID’s are pointed to a Queue named Queue-Sales by Inbound Route, now what I want is to monitor the calls running on both the DID separately.
I checked the FOP2, they do have a function to provide the running calls based on the entire trunk, but it won’t show the DID on which the call is running.

Something like:

DID(Inbound Route Phone) Caller Phone Number Talking Since
888-480-8532 413-444-4444 2 mins
888-480-8533 413-444-4445 1 min

you could= start with, from bash:-

rasterisk -x “core show channels verbose”