How to modify extensions in bulk: bulk import failing

Freepbx 13.
I have to modify the extensions to enable the voicemail and set other parameters related to voicemail.
How should my .csv file look like. Should it contact a column called “action: edit”. What are the other minimum headers required.

When i do bulk import, it fails saying “Header row and data row count do not match”. I am using a MAC machine by the way.

I created a file with the following headers:
action: edit
extension (Extension),
name (Name),
description (Description),
tech (Device Technology),
secret (Secret [Enter “REGEN” to regenerate]),
callwaiting_enable (Call Waiting Enabled: ENABLED to enable, blank to disable),
findmefollow_enabled (Follow Me Enabled [Blank to disable]),
findmefollow_grplist (Follow Me List),
languages_language (Valid language string),
voicemail_enable (Voicemail Enable [Blank to disable]),
voicemail_vmpwd (Voicemail Password),
voicemail_email (Voicemail E-Mail),
voicemail_options (Voicemail Options is a pipe-delimited list of options. Example: attach=no|delete=no),

Just create an extension turn on voicemail and all the other settings you want and all the other settings you want then export it

I usually recommend that you use a spreadsheet program to manage this. It’s too easy to miscount or leave out a comma if you try to do it by hand.

Also, when you export your data from the spreadsheet, don’t combine unused fields, and make sure you use comma (,) as your separator. If you spreadsheet supports it, you should also use “all fields are delimited” to make sure you have blank fields with double quotation marks.