How to migrate from Cisco Call Manager to Asterisk Asterisk

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In the company where I work, we are having some issues with CISCO 3800 and we
would like to migrate from Cisco to Asterisk (FreePBX).

The Asterisk server has been put in place and running properly. My
specific question is: There is an easy way to import all cisco setup to Asterisk? I mean, dialplans, extensions and so on.

There is an similar entry in the community 4 years ago and I’m not
sure that the person who opened it will reply my doubts, for that reason
I’m opening this new topic again. Sorry for that.

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Sadly I’ve not used a CCM but I would expect the answer to be a sold no.
There are too many differences in the call flow to be able to just port things, you’re gonna have to do it the hard way.

If you can export a list of the user extensions, and manipulate it over to the right format, you can import that in. There are bulk import tools in FreePBX for this and they’re quite good, but it depends on what data you can get out of the CCM in the first place.

You’ll want to copy a bunch of files from the CCM tftpboot server though, for the endpoint configs.
What handsets are you using, out of curiosity?

Hi Mat

Thanks for your quick reply.

At this moment, we are using the CISCO IP phones 7960 and we have as well CISCO IP communicator. Thats not a big deal for me because I was able to create the xml file for both models and make a call between them through Asterisk. However I’m a bit lazy creating the Dial Plan, the call rules and so on and I wanted to belive that there is something that could make all this hard work in an easy way.


Using Chan-SCCP-B, the configuration is handled using (virtually) the same XML files that you use in Communicator.

All of the XML files are actually served through TFTP, so putting them on the TFTP server makes them available to your phones. The rest of the configuration is handled through specific MAC-based XML.CNF files that can also be copied “in toto” from the original source, assuming you can get to them. There are a few changes (values that need to be cleared and a couple of IP addresses that probably need fixed) before the config files can be used with Chan-SCCP-B, but the bulk of the setup is reasonable straightforward.

Chan-SCCP-B handles the SCCP interface and allows the phones to connect to Asterisk. I’ve been (theoretically) been working on a config manager for SCCP phones for a couple of years (I’m having trouble getting back to fixing the last couple of weird little problems).

For most installations, the files are set up on a “per-server” basis, so a single ringlist.xml.cnf file (for example) is used to manage all of the phones.

Since this is actually outside the scope of FreePBX, please feel free to private message me and I’ll try to help one-on-one.

Hi Dave

Actually, my problem is not the XML.CNF. I created it adding the SIP protocol in all of them. Despite that the XML are working properly, there are several things that needs to be configured in FreePBX in order make a call to the outside for instance, dial rules and so on. Making a call between internal extensions connected to FreePBX is not a big deal for me.

However, I will try your suggestion and I have no clue, I’ll send you a private message.

Thank you very much for your quick response.

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