How to match CID for call destination?


I need to send call form a specific phone number to "Terminate Call"I read on another topic on this forum that I need to use CID match.

I try but I don’t understand where to put the number to block:

It tell to use an inbound route and enter the number stating by a underscore. Do I need to put this number in DID or CID?



Why don’t you use the blacklist module?

If you’re blocking a call from an inbound route, you need to enter the number you want to block in the CallerID Number Field, then route it to Terminate Call: Hangup.

This is a good solution too.

Yes I agree that the blacklist module will be a great idea but it is possible to Terminate the call by sending it to an “infinite ringing” just to annoy them?

And what to input in DID?



As @adell4444 said, but choose Terminate Call: Play ringtones …

Leave it blank, if you want this filtering on all your incoming numbers.

Yes will definitively try :wink:

Cool, I will try this for now and later-on I will get the blacklist module.

Thanks to all!

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