How to match a CallerID to an extensions?

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I want to know haow can I configure my FreePBX install for receive call to a specific extension when type the CallerID that you want call. By example, I have 3 numbers at my voip service provider and I want each number match with one extension by number.

Example :slight_smile:

+32 02 XXX XX XX to the extension 101
+32 03 XXX XX XX to the extension 102
+32 04 XXX XX XX to the extension 103

On your inbound route, you can use the Caller ID field to set up routes to specific extensions. The Caller ID field should be able to take wildcards.

Ok, in inbound route I have the field CallerID Number and the field SDA Number.

I put in the field CallerID Number my public number at my provider and let empty the SDA Number ?

In the Inbound Route page, I have a field “Destination for Route” is for the DID ?

I don’t understand what you said.

In the Inbound Route, you have DID Number and CID Number.

Leave them both blank for an “Any/Any” route.

Set the DID Number field so that any inbound call to that number gets routed to that route.

Set the CID Number field so that any inbound call with that Caller ID (CID from the caller) gets routed to that route.

Set them both and the system will route calls for your number and with the associated CID to that route.

If you use “CID Priority Route” the Caller ID will be checked first.

This is what I have on my inbound route:

Second picture :slightly_frowning_face:

OK - check the logs and see what the actual Caller ID Number is (to make sure it matches).

You should be able to use 04xxxxxxx to match any number that starts with 04…

Perhaps you are confusing DID (your phone number), with CID (their phone number) ?

The DID is the number, I use to make some internal call like :

101 call 102
101 call 103

The CallerID is the public number deliverer by the voip provider to
make outgoing call like

+32 04 XXX XX XX who is matched with my 101 extension call the number +32 04 268 08 71.

Nope. Your DID is the Direct Inbound Dialed Number (+320412341234). The number you are calling DID is your Extension Number.

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Ok, DID (Direct Inward Dialing) but what’s the Caller ID now ?

Caller ID = Callers Identification, the callers name & number.

So if you have 3 DID’s from your provider and you want to assign each DID to a different extension, you need to create a separate inbound routes for each extension, enter the DID in the “DID Number” section, and then point to the extension you want it to ring…

This will get anyone who calls this DID to that extension you just specified.

If… you want a call from a specific person that calls this number to be routed to a different destination, then you can create another inbound route, add the DID which that person is calling in the “DID Number” section, add that callers number (the number he’s calling FROM) in the “Caller ID Number” section and choose where you want to route it to.

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@cynjut @PitzKey @dicko Thanks

Don’t take this as an offense, but i would suggest you to watch some basic telephony and SIP/VoIP videos.

If you need free, there’s tons on YouTube, but not the best…

We were all at one day at the same stage as you are now. Live and learn. :slight_smile:

@PitzKey Of course not, I have a miss understanding about it… Don’t worry… It’s good in my mind now.

My mistake… :smile:

Actually I read some books about Asterisk (The Definitive Guide - 4th Edition) and Admin_Guide_14.pdf

But In FreePBX Distro, I can’t custom my configuration files. So I need to buy some modules to make some features…But It’s no bad… It’s a good thing that they develope a GUI for Asterisk.

The DID is the number that people are calling…
+32 02 XXX XX XX

You should create an inbound route that matches that number (usually without the + , but check your CDR logs to see how the number is recorded … use that as your template).

Leave the CallerID blank – unless you want only specific callers to be rerouted.
Set the Destination to Extensions (or ring groups, or queues) and pick the specific destination from the resulting dropdown menu.

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