How to mask a dial string?

I want to configure a dial key on a Snom 360 to enable a provider based call forwarding.

Unfortunately FreePBX seems to block this command. It is:

Could you give a hint how to mask the string?


*72 is a default feature code for Call Forward All. Go to Admin - Feature Codes and disable the local *72 if you are going to do forwarding at the provider instead.

Thanks for helping, but I tried it and it didn’t work for me. I changed the code to *72 and I also disabled the feature, but no changes:

make sure your dial plan allows you to send the “*”. i am not sure where you are based, but normally when you do carrier based forwarding the forward rings the phone you are forwarding to and you must answer it for the forward to take effect

Thanks bksales!

The diaplan was the solution. I had to replace my “X” …

Create a custom extension to turn the feature on, and one to turn it off

I used 972 to turn it on, and 973 to turn it off.

For 972 under the “advanced” heading in the field “dial” enter DAHDI/1/*72w6057189051
Where DAHDI is the hardware, 1 is the channel you want to use, *72 to turn the feature on, w to wait then the number you want to forward to.

For 973 enter DAHDI/1/*73

Hope that helps

The only other thing that would be helpful is if we could light up a BLF when it gets turned on, but I havent been able to figure that one out

EDIT: Hopefully that’s what you are trying to accomplish!

@gw22 - In your custom context, you can create the hint and set it to whatever you want the "Yes’ and “No” values to be. Once done, query it like you would “Day/Night” mode.

Another way is to set your extension’s context to “Busy” in the hints and use the standard BLF process for turning the light on.

thanks cynjut - I’ll have to do a little more digging to get to the bottom of that. I havent really done anything with custom contexts