How to manually upgrade to PHP 5.3+

After much searching and trial and error, I cannot figure out how to upgrade the PHP 5.1.6 to PHP 5.3 or newer. This is obviously required for several of the modules.

I have installed cleanly from “AsteriskNOW-2.0.2-x86_64-DVD.iso”, updated all modules, and performed a yum update.
Asterisk Version 1.8.11-cert7
FreePBX Version 2.10

yum install php53* results in a dependency conflict that would install FreePBX.
yum -y upgrade php-* (found in the forum upgrade script) yields no packages marked for Update.

I have spent hours banging my head against the wall on this seeming simple problem. All other Asterisk/FreePBX itmes are working great. I would humbly appreciate any assistance.

Your distro’s kernel (Centos 5.8) yum repos have PHP 5.3 in them that will not work directly with FreePBX There are many recipes on google as to how to do that “by hand” and force php53 without uninstalling FreePBX (using rpm) , but I urge caution as you might need to edit php code that was written against earlier versions of php. (I have no problem with FreePBX running under 5.3, but I don’t use Centos, nor AsteriskNOW)

Newere FreePBX iso’s from this site will install php 5.3

I took your recommendation and just switched my system over to the latest stable FreePBX 10. That certainly was the wisest move and solved all my current problems. Just getting into this technology area, I made the fatal assumption that a distro with the Asterisk endorsement would be the safest bet.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Asterisk is Asterisk/Digium, FreePBX is FreePBX/Schmooze there are of course tensions between all of them, each wants to not unreasonably make a buck, but at least two of them are overtly going proprietary and outside the original open source ideals. Oh well, just get used to paying for all the latest and greatest, even if it “doesn’t quite work yet” (hmm. . . that reminds me of another company, in Redmond perhaps)