How to make voicemail say external DID instead of extension?

Hi there,

I just set up freePBX and am very satisfied with my current configuration but I’ve one problem left:

If someone calls from the external line and no one answers the call, he gets to the Voicemail. The VM plays the default greeting: “The person is not available” and since the extension number has nothing in common with the external DID, some callers might be confused.

Yes, I could record a new announcement message, but I really like the default message … I’d just like to have it say the external number… is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


Here’s a thought - make the extension number the same as the DID. Extensions don’t have to be only three or four digits, you know.

So let’s say that you have a DID of 2345554321. And on your FreePBX box it goes to extension 321. Instead, make the extension the same as the DID - 2345554321 - and then if you want, make a Misc Application with a “feature code” of 321 and make the destination extension 2345554321, so extension-to-extension calling using three digits (or whatever) is still possible.

I have not actually tried this so you might want to experiment with one or two extensions to start, to see if this works as expected.