How to make sure a specific trunk is only used by only one extension? How to attach a trunk to an extension?

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I have 20 DIDs from a provider which provides 5 channels on each DID. Each DID, allow for total of 5 inbound/outbound channel. In the outbound routes previously the dialplan used to allow for something like this: 2156667777/450 where 450 is the extension and 2156667777 is the dialed out number.

I don’t see that feature in FPBX 2.8 now and I really need. Also, I need the feature because I want to make sure that each trunk is only mapped to one extension becaues if my users start dialing and I have all trunks in outbound one by one then I will run out of channels on the first DID trunk after 5 concurrent calls and so I won’t be able to receive any calls on that DID.

Any pointers are much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: Now I see it. I need to get my eyes checked.

Anything on this?

The CallerID in the outbound route is the 4th column of the dial pattern.

Thanks for the great tips.

1- I am at the implementation phase now. I have context=from-pstn in both PEER Details and USER Details. I tried all the hover over links and none of them included anything about “context=”

2- I have 10 trunks each with 5 channels and I have 10 extensions and I want each extension to use only a SPECIFIC trunk for making outbound calls. You said that is what the CallerID Column is in 2.8 but I don’t see such a field in the outbound route. I only see Route CID which I doubt can be used for this purpose. Previously in older version having this in the dialplan worked:


Where 100 was the extension so the trunk assigned to that route was always used only by Extension 100.

What is the equivalant of that in 2.8?

Thanks again

Thanks for that.

The trunks I am provided all have 5 channels in total for inbound/outbound.

Is there also a way to limit the number of outbound channels on a certain trunk? For example I want only 3 outbound channels on the outbound routes on a certain trunk and so that way I am always 100% guaranteed 2 inbound channel all the time.

I guess I am looking for a more elaborate “trunk > number of channels” setting which is expanded to “trunk > number of Inbound channels” AND “trunk > number of Outbound channels” and so that way trunks can be used as backup for each-other without compromising the inbound channels per trunk.


sure, just set the trunk channels to 3 and then make sure you context= setting in the trunk configuration is set to the auto-generated context for that trunk that counts the inbound along with the outbound as part of the trunk count.

Calls will never get rejected when they are inbound but they will get counted this way.

You can hover over the tooltip for the max channels on the trunk of an exiting configuration to determine what the name of the auto-generated context is.

that’s what the CallerID column is in 2.8, and the 2.7 settings should be migrated automatically.

The only difference in 2.8 is for patterns you don’t have to start it with “_”, you just put your pattern (e.g. 2XXX) where it would apply to 2000-2999.