How to make queues show up in a Directory

The PBX I maintain as a pro bono project for a statewide public service non-profit has a few dozen queues numbered 400 thru 499. Each queue is assigned to a position within the chain of command for events that the organization runs. For example, ext 401 might be the Safety Officer, 402 the Finance Officer, etc. Whoever acts as Safety Officer or Finance Officer for a particular event will “log on” to that queue and then any calls to 401 and 402 will be redirected to wherever the occupant specified.

There is an organization-wide Directory that contains extensions by name and by position, including these queues. In other words, someone accessing the Directory can find the Safety Officer’s extension by dialing “Safety” in his phone.

Trouble is, I can not find a way to make the queues show up in the Directory, unless I assign extensions to the same numbers and then I get Conflicting Extensions warnings. How can I make the queues show up in the Directory and avoid the conflicts?

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