How to make outboud call selecting trunk

Hi all!

I have 3 different SIP accounts with 3 diferent numbers. I have inbound routes allready configured based on DID number, but I don’t know how to call outside, and select the trunk depending on the sip account I want to use.

I know I can configure prefixes to do this, but it’s not very confortable for recalling calls from the phone call history.

Is there any elegant way to do this? I have Yealink T26 phones with possibility for 4 extensions.

Any idea?


First configure Outbound Routes for 3 trunks.
Then if you installed extension routes, check any “allowed route” in extensions menu.

What is the goal here? What criteria determines what sip trunk you want to use? Is it only to display certain outbound caller ID’s based on which extension you make the outbound call from? If so, you can configure an outbound route for each trunk as described but instead of installing the allowed routes module, you can use the caller-id field in the dialing rules to match the extension you want to use that route. Just another way to do it and really shows the flexibility of FreePBX.

Hey! Thank you all! Easy and efficient!