How to make ivr say numbers during user type?

I know read command from asterisk is used to memorize the user typing.

I want to make IVR say numbers during the user type, is this possible?

s - to return immediately if the line is not up.
i - to play filename as an indication tone from your indications.conf.
n - to read digits even if the line is not up.
attempts - If greater than 1, that many attempts will be made in the event no data is entered.
timeout - The number of seconds to wait for a digit response. If greater than 0, that value will override the default timeout. Can be floating point.

Thank you!
But it is still not clearly for me what option should i use, option “i” is enough?

OK i configured with the i option, so how to configure indications.conf to say number as the user types the number.

I want my IVR to say numbers during the Read command.

This means, that i dont want to say the numbers after the user type, but during the user type.

For example, enter your user code:

During this i want IVR to say the digits one by one.
Something like: You typed 1 , You typed 2, or ONE, TWO, …

I know that is possible to do this using a loop, but this looks like a unstable code.

You can use a temporary variable to store just one digit, say that digit back to the caller, store it to a variable and use again the read function in a loop to catch all digits. Other than that I think there isn’t a function that can do something like that.