How to make interconnection between H.323 and SIP protocol

anyone can help me… to make interconnection between H.323 protocol and SIP protocol, so that among both of them can communicate one another ??? its architecture picture ?

3.its configuraton using asterisk ?

i’am newbie using asterisk, so I have to learning many to you all


you make a sip extension/trunk. You make an h323 extension/trunk. You bridge the calls with asterisk. The h323 functionality has to be done with custom extensions and trunks as it is not very mainstream.

Beyond that - your question is quite vague, thus the vague answer. If you have a more specific example of what you are attempting, you might get more specific answers:)

hmm - I thought the forum was playing mind games on me (the first time I had answered this). Please try not to double post the same information twice. Thanks.

how to install h323 in trixbox 2.3. i want to install h323 protocol to connect micronet sp5050

If you want to make an interconnection between H.323 and SIP protocol, you may want to read this article on SIP and H.323 integration. It’s a bit lengthy to post here, so posted the link.

And just a little nice-to-know info about H.323, It is the standard most often referred to when the term protocol H is used. It lays out the foundation for data, audio, and video communications over IP networks such as the Internet. The International Telecommunications Union, which is responsible for setting multimedia communications standards for LANs that do not guarantee Quality of Service, recommends protocol H (H.323). Because this type of LAN is widely used in business, this protocol serves as a foundation for multimedia communications across a broad range of IP networks and technologies.