How to make FreePBX/Asterisk to send media back to caller when no RTP come from it?

Hello experts,

We are using a mighty contact center with CPD detection. The case is when a contact-center is dialing through FreePBX/Asterisk (10.13.66 and 13th version of Asterisk) it isn’t sending any media untill it detects voice at the remote side. So does Asterisk. It isn’t sending anything back to contact cetner untill receive any RTP media back from that peer event after the remote party answers.

I can see media is being sent from SIP provider but Asterisk doen’t send anything to Callcenter. It looks like nat=yes in the peer setting but that is not (there is no NAT and nat=no in peer settings). Is there any way to force Asterisk to bridge both legs without RTP detection?


The setup is:

Operator -> CallCenter -> FreePBX -> SIP provider

FreePBX has 2 IP addresses so no direct media possible.

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