How to make an outbound call from specific dadhi?

hi ,

i have 6 dadhi lines but only one of them has the service of calling mobiles and making international calls.

the problem is when i perform outbound to mobile number , i find my self on random dadhi adn not always im on dadhi which the service of mobile calling is enabled on it , as a result most of times my calll is terminated , and i have to make alot of trials to make my call.
my qyestion is when i want to perform outbound call to a mobile , i want to tell the server to go out using the trunk which this service was enabled on it .

or from another way , how to dial from a specific dadhi channel trunk ???

Setup a DAHDI trunk which refers to the specific channel number for the “mobile” line (NOT a group number).

Create an outbound route with the mobile prefix and point it to the newly created trunk.