How to make an extension being reported as "busy" instead of "in use"?

All my extensions are reported as being in use instead of being busy via AMI action and and in FreePBX GUI http:///admin/config.php?display=asteriskinfo#peers

Regarding the first link, it should be reported as

  • in use if “One or more devices INUSE”
  • busy if “All devices BUSY”

I have two phones which register to the same PJSIP-Extension. I therefore set “Max Contacts = 2” and rebooted all and should be able to get “In use” if at least one phone is used and busy if both phones are used. In any case, i get “In Use”. I also checked another Extension with “Max Contacts = 1” and one registered phone and should report to be “Busy” AND “In Use”, but it doesn’t !?

I added the following to /etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf and reloaded asterisk, but it still reports in use.


I also tried to add it to /etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint_custom_post.conf - same result. The AMI action also reports it to be in use instead of busy

While you might get an answer here (I have faith in most of these guys), I recommend you also cross-post this over on one of the Asterisk forums. This isn’t really a FreePBX question - it’s an Asterisk question, and a reasonably arcane one at that.

Having said that, if you do get an answer, let us know. There are probably people here that would love to know what the resolution is.

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Thanks for the hint:

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The issue was solved. Andrew added the field “device_state_busy_at” to the PJSIP extension settings: