How to maintain a ring group number yet have it call different extensions?


We have doctors who want to be able to dial an extension, say 5555. That extension should ring the receptionist with a caller ID of “Black File”. Code word for something bad is happening. Easy, right?

The problem is we have one PBX and multiple remote locations. Phones are tied via VPN back to the PBX. If Doctor at location “A” calls 5555, then receptionist at location “A” should be notified.

If they call call 5555 at location “B” then receptionist at “B” should be notified.

I’ve changed outbound routes and only allow certain extensions access to that route. It works by setting the destination on congestion but I cannot get the caller ID to change. Any thoughts?

We want to keep the same “extension” (really a ring group) for consistency.


If anyone else comes across this -

Make an outbound route, only allow certain extensions to use it. On congestion call a ring group.

In that ring group, append your caller ID.

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