How to lookup when a phone got disconnected

Hello one of my phones grew legs and went missing. How can i tell when it got disconnected from freepbx. This way I have a time a date to look at the cameras?

Unplugged is indistinguishable from on hook for analogue phones. Even central office line tests don’t look beyond the master socket.

Typically, for SIP phones you will get a message in the log resulting from a qualify failure or a registration timeout. The former will be typically minutes late, and the latter could be considerably later (often 30 or more minutes). I can’t remember the exact form of these messages and they will vary between channel drivers, but you can try removing the phone yourself, to check, and devices that go in and out of service are often the subject of questions here.

There will also be device state changes which will result in AMI events.

This is the general format of the message generated by chan_sip for a qualify failure (it will say “unreachable”:

ast_log(LOG_NOTICE, "Peer '%s' is now %s. (%dms / %dms)\n",
			peer->name, s, pingtime, peer->maxms);

I assume chan_pjsip has something similar.

I was unable to quickly find what is output for a registration timeout, but, assuming you haven’t disabled qualify, that should be more prompt.

Run ‘grep -i reachable /var/log/asterisk/full | grep [ext#]’ and look for the last time the phone went Unreachable. That will give you an idea.
You could also run all full logs at a time ‘grep -ri reachable /var/log/asterisk/full*’
If its on distro, it will keep the last week worth of logs.

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