How to logically organize ring groups/queues, etc

I am about to deploy a FreePBX server, and I am currently in the process of setting up Queues and Groups for our extensions. Extensions are simply sequential, but I was considering whether or not to apply any kind of structure to them. For example: assigning a block of numbers for advertising queues or a block for each department. Is this to granular and will it be difficult to manage in the future?

Thanks for the help!

This is all personal preference. You can split it all out depending on your organization’s size something like
4001-4099 - Admin
4101-4099 - Sales
4201-4299 - support

###Queues/Ring groups:
4000 - Operator
4100 - Sales Queue
4200 - Support queue

50XX - Admin
51XX - Sales
52XX - Support

This type of thing is more for user experience and it is not a bad idea

So thousands would define application type and hundreds would define associated dept? This would still leave us with only 100 spots for each dept (which is something I could do in a 3 digit scheme). Since there will inevitably be more extensions than queues/groups, would it make more sense to have the thousands define dept and assign first few hundred blocks to queues/groups/conferences? Seems like it would be more scalable. Something like this:

Marketing Dept

4001-4099 - Queues/Groups
4100-4199 - Conferences/Paging
4200-4999 - Extensions

Production Dept

5001-5099 - Queues/Groups
5100-5199 - Conferences/Paging
5200-5999 - Extensions

Thats why my original reply said this all depends on your deployment. Some sites use the thousand or ten thousand slot for site (city).

Sorry it has been a bit. The PBX took a backseat to a few other projects but it’s back in the primary now. Just wanted to give a breakdown of the structure I developed.

X— Site
-X-- Dept
–XX User

1000      Operator
1001-1099 Additional Queues, Parking
1100      Admin Queue
1101-1199 Admin Ext
1200      Dept B Queue
1201-1299 Dept B Ext
1300      Dept C Queue
1301-1399 Debt C Ext

This allows for basic queues for every dept, 99 slots per dept for extensions, and 99 open slots for custom queues, groups, etc. Any suggestions or critiques?