How to log in on device (device and user mode)


I used to use the plain Asterisk system, manually editing the configuration files. This was quite cumbersome, so I’m looking into FreePBX.

I’m using MySQL, Apache2 and Asterisk on Debian (repo versions) with FreePBX There were a few issues in glueing this together, but those were quickly fixed.

I use Cisco 7940 phones (in SIP mode), no nat on device settings, from-internal context (most settings are at their default). I do have nat enabled on my SIP trunk (which is also working in both directions (both signalling and audio streams)).

For each user, I have a user defined with extension numbers in range 30-39
For each phone, I have a device defined with extension numbers in range 80-89. The devices are in ad hoc mode, with a default user (device 83 => user 33). VM is not enabled.

I can call users (not devices), and all seems to work pretty straightforward.

If I dial on device 83: *12, a nice female voice states: "Agent logged off"
But when I call 33 from device 81, the device 83 still rings.


When I change the device settings, where default user = none, the extensions are not reachable (as expected).

On device 83, I dial: *11, I hear the female voice saying: "Goodbye"
When I dial: *1133, She says the same

How should I log in?

And how can I verify a successful login? I do know the asterisk CLI, but I am unfamiliar with all Macros/Contexts/Variables of FreePBX.

Can anybody help?