How to load most current SIP firmware loads to FreePBX, for dissemination

Forgive the noobness of this question, as I’m just getting familiar with the FreePBX product.

Can someone point me at the specific directions for how to have an OEM vendor’s most current SIP firmware load (Polycom and Aastra mostly), be loaded to the EndPoint Manager so that I can be sure my phones have the absolute most current firmware to rule out any issues being “phone firmware” related?

Just as an FYI, loading the newest firmware to phones is not always the best solution without thorough testing.

There’s a thread somewhere here about another guy as well as myself having odd issues with Aastra 6757i phones. The fix was to downgrade to the previous firmware.

If I recall the newest Polycom UCS 4.x firmware is far different than the 3.x versions. Before you go and load it up you might look into the differences.

Here is a little info on the newest version.