How to load EPM Firmware

Loving the EPM. And the guys at schmooze have been very responsive. Currently using Grandstream GXP-2140 and GXP-2160 phones. One of the 2140s had really old firmware out of the box. Thinking I’d like consistence across the board anyway I downloaded the latest and looked at EPM. The firmwares available there are dirt old. I looked in the webpage for the phones themselve and noticed what directory they were going to look at for firmware on boot. I copied the firmware to the dir /tftpboot/grandstream/0 and when the phones rebooted they installed it perfectly.

Question: Where should I stick the new firmware in freepbx for the EPM to see it and push it out appropriately?

I’d open a feature request to get the firmware updated.

We only update firmware about 3-4 times a year as we dont have the time to chase them all and test them all. If you follow the wiki here it shows how you can use your own custom firmware in the info box.