How to listen in as an extension makes multiple calls

PROBLEM: A manager, in another office, wants to listen as a trainee makes multiple outbound calls

Is there a way to remotely log into a Agent’s extension to hear all their calls as they make multiple calls and have multiple conversations?

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Or something like Flash Operator Panel 2

Which is cool because it add some other GUI controls to the mix.

This is great but will the listener have to re-engage each time the local extension they are trying to barge on hangs up and dials another 3rd party line?

In other words, the Supervisor is trying to monitor an Agent (with everyone’s consent) as the Agent makes multiple calls. The Supervisor just wants to sit back and listen for quality control as the Agent dials and speaks with multiple parties.

Will the Feature Code work in this scenario?

I think you would need a third party software or to develop something yourself. Not sure which vendors support the flow you are looking for, but you can contact them to inquire.

An idea you might be able to run with is:

  • A feature code that the manager dials and enters the extension they wish to monitor.
  • This calls a script that stores the manager’s number (the number to call) and the extension (the hint to monitor for changes)
  • The script will monitor the agent hint for an in use state, then invoke the call to the manager with the spy in place.
  • If you didn’t want the manager to be called over and over you could instead have the manager join a conference bridge, and have your script join the agent to the bridge every time the agent moved into a in use state.
  • A second feature code to turn this feature off when done.

There are probably other ways to do this, but this is just a thought I had that could work.

THANKS - looking into this

Final line of the above linked dialplan is a Hangup, it could be modified to go back to the wait line and do an infinite loop. Perhaps a smarter solution would be to have it loop a few dozen(s) times in case of a hung channel.


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