How to limit Park Calling?

Hello I have seen where to change the park calling numbers. I have lower the numbers to the same as the incoming and outgoing trunk numbers. So i was wondering If say i add one more trunk number is it possible to have that last incoming call go to voice mail if the others lines are parked or on hold?

I think you need to explain your desired setup a little more. Are you referring to “Call Parking”? I think the general answer to your question is “Yes” - an unanswered incoming call (irrespective of the how many other lines are busy) can, of course, be set to go to voicemail.

Hello Jes1111 Thank you for the reply back. Here is my setup as of Yesterday. I have 4 analog landlines but also have about from Verizon to add 3 more later on. So for now i just use the 4. only problem is when all 4 calls comes in at once. No more can come through. also it is setup as a hunt group. So if one is busy it moves on to the next. I was wondering how can i limit the calls to just 3 on hold no more and the forth one can go directly to voice mail?

I also hope within this month or next toe add the last 3 lines.

OK - so you aren’t referring to Call Parking. That’s a completely different thing and I doubt it would help you.

If you have four analog lines and all four are in use, you will not get any more calls. That’s one of the things VOIP was designed to solve.

So, if you have three calls in process (on hold, etc.) can the fourth line ALWAYS go directly to voicemail?

Part of what we would need to explore is how your lines are actually used. Remember that (when using FreePBX) all of your calls are actually getting handled by the PBX, so the interaction you are looking for might be as simple as “line four always goes to voicemail”.

There are also mechanisms in FreePBX that might make your line handling process easier. For example, set up a queue and limit the number of active calls to three. Any additional calls to the queue can be sent to voicemail.

Hello Cynjut I’m referring to parking I’m sorry not on hold. I get the two mixed up all the time., What I’m trying to do is i have 4 analog lines. If 3 of them are in parked mode to be transfer to Other phones then the forth call coming in i would like it to go to voice mail. So it is not tying up the line or being on as a parked call. The Analog lines are in a hunt group if the first one is in use it goes to the second line and so forth from my understanding. But i would like if in Freepbx if the first 3 are taking in parked mode to be transfer to other phones the forth line go directly to voice mail. Something not to tie up the line for long. In time will be adding 3 more analog times just not now.

Regardless of how the lines are tied up (parked, in use, raising their children, etc.) if the line is in use, it is in use. Remember - “in front of” the PBX and “in” the PBX are largely unrelated.

Here’s my thinking: a call comes in and your receptionist takes the call. He puts it into the parking lot. The POTS line is taken up with the customer wanting to talk to something or someone in your network.

Same thing happens with line 2 and line3. You have three lines “in use” (for whatever reason, that’s not important).

At this point, you want anyone that drops onto line 4 to be routed to Voicemail. That way, they get in-and-out quick and the line won’t be tied up for long.

So you add three more lines - No problem. What you did for Line 4 is now going to happen on Line 7 and line 4 gets handled just like line 3.

See, regardless of what the system is doing, you are going end up either sending people to the Parking Lot and tying up a line, or sending them to Voicemail and tying up a line.

To be honest, I wouldn’t use the parking lot for this. Route the call to whoever is wanted and if they are busy, the call goes to voicemail. This way your customer’s spend less time on hold - they get either Voice or VoiceMail.

And of course if you only have 3 parking slots then you can’t park four calls.

Hello Cynjut you have some great points there not to tie up the lines for long you are right. Hello Dicko yes the forth call wanted to go directly to voice mail. But Cynjut is right. I think less time on a call is better to free up lines that is something working on.

I think Either way Need more lines Because these 4 lines are not enough.