How to let a SIP phone's BLF subscribe to a TimeCondition hint?


Maybe spending too much time on this drove me blind, but I would be very pleased to get a tip on this.

I’m using Freepbx 2.10.
I would like to subscribe a SIP phone’s BLF to a timecondition hint.
I can see that :

  1. the hint I’m after is present in context [timeconditions-toggle] in extensions_additional.conf (ie *2711,hint,Custom:TC11)
  2. my SIP hardphone’s Subscribecontext is set to [from-did-direct] context in extensions.conf
  3. my SIP hardphone can subscribe to other phones status (hints located in conetxt [ext-local] in extensions_additional.conf)
  4. when my SIP hardphone subscribes to *2711 hint, its demand is rejected with 404 Not found.

Suggestions ?

Thanks ins advance