How to know when there is voicemail on a group mailbox at multi extensions

Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I did a search but not even sure how to search this properly?

I have a group of phones as x101, x102, x103, x104 in a ring group. All of the phones have their own voice mailbox but if a call goes tot his ring group is unanswered then it goes to voicemail x1001. Now I have these users constantly dialing into VM 1001 to see if there are any messages? Wasnt so bad when they were all in the office but now with everyone working at home they dont know if any new calls have come in. They are calling *981001 constantly… I want to setup a button on each phone just like a BLF. I want it to be a voicemail status for x1001 so a button on every phone would light if there is voicemail. A bonus would be if they could hit this button to go directly to VM without having to dial *981001. Can this be done, is it as simple as putting *981001 on a button? These phones are all remote right now and the end users are not the brightest group so I need a simple solution. The end users only have 3 button phones so I want to do this with the least number of buttons possible.

As an option I would consider changing the VM light on each phone to light if there was voicemail on 1001 since they rarely ever get personal VM on each phones? I’m open to options.

The BLF method is more elegant, but I can tell you how to do it this way. Extensions -> (ext #) -> Advanced tab -> Mailbox field, change from (ext #)@device to [email protected]

if I added a button with *981001 would that light when there is Vmail?

I ended up going a different route… I setup a group email and sent the voicemail to everyone and auto delete on the VM box. Now they dont have to go into the 1001 vm box at all.

I would have added a button but the phone only has 3. Not very useful.

If all the extensions are all set to use [email protected], then the various phones “vm led” will all respond to a voicemail’s presence at 1001 without giving up button. The down side is that they all share that vm box, so individual messages by extension are not available.

I haven’t done it, but I did a quick search on this and found a guide for setting up the voice mailbox hints:

So the site has four physical extensions (101,102,103, and 104) and one virtual extension (1001). Each user has their own VM which I assume the physical extensions are already subscribing to. A call comes in which lands in a ring group and rolls into VM 1001 if it goes unanswered. Your going to setup a BLF with a value of *981001 on the phones. This should work (no?). Doesn’t a group email mean multiple people will also be responding to the same message?


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