How to keep a line available for emergencies?

I’ve yet to migrate to a pure VOIP handoff from the teleco. Currently I have a T1 that goes to a gateway and then to my PBX. It’s a single T1 so I’m assuming it can only handle 24 simultaneous calls (lot’s of assumptions there). Is there anything I need to define on the trunk or outgoing routes (or CoS?) to make sure an emergency line always has access out (911 calls)?

T1 is typically 23 channels if it is a PRI or 24 channels if it uses RBS. In any case I would look at usage and expand lines if they are maxing out. You should never be using 100% capacity on a regular basis. There is no good way to “reserve” a line (channel) unless you don’t use it at all and assign it as emergency only.

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