How to invoke MusicOnHold with AMI

Does anybody known how to invoke the MusicOnHold function with Manager API when extension is in Call? THX

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There is no way to do this sorry.

That sound alarmingly like a solution. What do you actually need to do? What you are asking to do is not possible, but what you are trying to accomplish may be.

Is there any alternative way to let the the customer hear the music when the agent press hold button?

What I am trying to do is to let the customer hear the music when agent press the hold button.

This is the default in FreePBX, once you press the hold button, MOH starts playing.

You can have a bunch of MOH categories and specify which to be used by inbound route, outbound route or queue.

What do U mean by press hold button? Now I use eyeBeam as my extension and there is no hold button on it. What I really wan to do is use webrtc as my phone and only js softphone connected to backend AMI service to control the call flow. When agent press the hold button on the js softphone, I want to freepbx to put the customer on hold.

Park them and pick them up since you don’t have a hold button.

##71 = blind transfer to parking slot 1.
When you are ready to talk to them again, dial 71 to pick them up.

Park means the call on my phone is cleared at that moment, this is not what I want.

Then find a softphone app with a built in hold button.

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