How to introduce a 100ms delay between the ringing of queued calls w/ ringall

Hello, I have previously posted this issue to the asterisk-users mailing list here:

However, their recommendation involved modifying the dial plan. And since I am using FreePBX 2.9 to create my dial plan, I felt that it would be most appropriate to bring the inquiry here.

I greatly appreciate any help & input on the issue. The description of my issue/inquiry is as follows:

Does anyone have any idea of how I can program a 100ms delay in between the ringing of 2 subsequent calls in a queue configured with a ringall strategy? In other words, our queue ringing strategy rings all queue agents with the first caller in line in the queue. We only permit 1 ringing call at a time, but it does ring to all phones. After an agent answers it, asterisk then rings through the 2nd caller in the queue to all phones/agents again (other than the “busy” agent who is on the phone with the 1st caller).

I want to force a 100ms delay in between the time that the 1st call is answered, and the 2nd call starts ringing.

Any suggestions of how I can do this? I assume I’ll need to modify the asterisk dial plan, as I didn’t see any queue parameters that would provide this feature for me.

Thanks again!

Hello all. It’s been about 3 business days since I’ve submitted this, but no responses yet? Anybody? I really appreciate it!

I was unaware that Open Source software had an SLA or any obligation for support.

It’s not the dial plan that needs to be modified, you have to patch the Asterisk Queue Application.

Did someone file a claim against an SLA? I think I missed that part. But I do appreciate peers using open source systems chiming in & providing some insight to help others with the product. Obviously no expectation or requirement, but it is nice to have projects like asterisk, freepbx & many others with active open source communities where users can submit questions & usually get help.

And Scott, I’ve seen your responses all over the asterisk community. You of course make a very considerable contribution in helping other users of asterisk/FreePBX variants, and I do appreciate it.

So with that said, any idea whether there’s a “supported” way to patch the asterisk queue application? I’d prefer to not wind up being off on my own island different from everyone else’s systems, in which case, I have a harder time getting peer support.

Thanks again!