How to install some new DIDs on a PRI?

My PRI provider as assign to my PRI some new DIDs, and I want to connect them to an existing destination. How can I do it? Is it possible to do it with a whole range of DIDs or if this process has to be done once for each DID?

My server is running Centos 5.2, Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX and I use Dahdi




The DID number field can be either, a) a specific DID (e.g. 1015551212), or (b) a pattern (e.g. _101555121[0-9] would match ten (10) contiguous DIDs of 555-1210 thru 555-1219, inclusive.) The leading underscore ("_") character is crucial to trigger pattern matching.

In matching, they’d route accordingly.


Download the most recent bulkdids file from

It will let you set up your DIDs in a spreadsheet and upload to FreePBX.

That link is not correct, the latest version of bulkdids is found here