How to Install Grandstream GXW4024 driver in FreePBX

Hi guys need help here…I am wondering if Grandstream GXW4024 can be use in FreePBX.? How do I install its driver/firmware?
currently I can only make an outgoing call using one of the analog lines connected to GXW4024. For the incomming i still have a problem because it wont receive an incomming call.


There are no “drivers” or firmware required to use the GXW-40xx series with Asterisk/FreePBX. From a provisioning standpoint, think of it as 24 SIP phones in one box. You first have to provision 24 extensions into the server and then you must provision the 40xx with the matching extensions just as you would with 24 separate phones.


Here is a link to the FreePBX wiki with some info on the GWX-410x. The GXW-4024 is probably quite similar. As Bill said you will also need to create the extensions in FreePBX.

There is a wealth of info in the wiki on configuring FreePBX.

I think the 41xx models are FXO units where the 40xx units are FXS.

Your right Bill/W5WAF! 41xx models are all FXO but the 40xx are all fxs.
If we only need to use 10 fxs lines in GXW4024…Do we really need to provision the 24 lines of GXW4024 in FreePBX? or just the 10 lines?

Thanks for the reply…really appreciate it.

You just need to provision the number you are going to use.

I’m just wondering what model of phone are we going to use when using GXW4024 in FreePBX. Please see image below.

I already follow what you have said in your previous reply, but unfortunately right now I can no longer make an outgoing & receive an incomming call with the extension line connected with my GXW4024. So I created a video for you to take a look at my configuration.