How to install freepbx gui on another ip and server is on another ip

hey guys,
how can i install freepbx gui on separate ip and server on another ip. just like the cloud environment like amazon ec2.

the freepbx gui is on separate ip and server is accessible via another ip.

please need help in this.

You can’t. FreePBX GUI has to be on same server as asterisk.

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but I worked for a client and there are two different FQDNs.

one for Server CLI and one for GUI. the both are different than each other and in working.

gui admin is accessed via other url.

That’s not unusual. Lots of people establish FQDNs based on functions. I have six on my phone server right now. Three of them are routable and point to and three of them are non-routable and point to The routable ones are redirected through my NAT firewall.

In spite of that, the GUI has to be running in the same filesystem as Asterisk. It has to have access to all of the files in the system, and it’s just too fragile to try and do it any other way.

hey thanks alot.

can you please explain it little further and how to enable this.

I need to enable this for my amazon freepbx.

It’s a function of the DNS system. You simply set up different FQDNs for your address. A A A A A

Five FQDNs that all point at the same address. At that point, you can set up Apache (the webserver) to answer for each “name” on the address.

Hi Dave!

It’s a perfectly sound principle which I use a lot. There’s only one thing I would differently though… I would only do one A record and the rest CNAMEs, it’s a lot easier to maintain and less error prone…

Something like A (assuming is the hostname of that server) CNAME
www. CNAME (altered so that forum doesn’t make this clickable) CNAME CNAME

Have a nice day!


Yeah - I vary back and forth on this depending on the solution space.

For many of my systems, they are actually independent, so an A record is more appropriate (TimeTrex and Asterisk, for example, are only related because of the clock in/out dialplan) so the fact that they are on the same server is largely a convenience.

On the other hand, something like a ‘www’ and a ‘pbx’ where I want my employees to log into the ‘www’ account to get to UCP? A CNAME is clearly the right choice there.

So yeah - one of those. :slight_smile:

hey so much thank you guys.

Can you please update me with the settings for httpd.conf for accepting these FQDNs.

You can set up virtualhosts to do lots of things. Google “Apache VirtualHost Setup” for more information.

ok that’s great thanks alot I will check this.

has anyone build a front end that using API to make the changes.
Does the API have the commands needed to support this idea?