How to install FOP2 as thirdparty addon

hi all,

I know how to install fop2 but I want to add or install it as a third party addon and I want it to show in others tab. I have attached the snapshots of the previous install but I want to know how can I install fop2 like a third party addon.

Please see the attached images.

You can’t. FOP2 has their own admin GUI that is not part of FreePBX

the image you see is of my server.
FOP2 is installed as an addon or module and thus it is integrated in the gui of freepbx in others module and when I click the other tab I can redirect by pressing those buttons to FOP2 tabs.

Is there any way that we can install it as a freepbx module.

The menu’s are generated by the module.xml

oh… How they can be generated. I need to know.
It is all covered including the module.xml in our wiki

thanks I will go through this and If I got any problem I will contact you back thanks again.

What you are looking at is a FreePBX module that was distributed by the FOP2 people. If it’s still available, you will have to get it from them.

In any case, it is not possible to install FOP2 within FreePBX, AFAIR the FreePBX module was only to aid FOP2 config.

As already said that module no longer exist. FOP2 for legal reasons has its own GUI for 3 plus years now.