How to install a card into a System 50? no riser and wrong slot location?

I was planning to put a PCI A200 into the box. First try I opened up and realized there wasn’t a right angle adapter. Plugged back in and dug one out of my box, but when using that the card doesn’t align with the slots. If there were a second slot closer to the slot openings, then it would align OK I think.

So I ordered a cabled PCI extender, but not too surprisingly it won’t boot (these look to be homemade items). Now, if I had the right-angle connecter and some other PCI riser (just a height extension) I think it would fit. No idea what that part would be though.

So while it appears to be capable (even the sales slick mentions the slot), its not all that easy to use one. Anyone know of any options?

And why wouldn’t the correct right angle adapter have been included in the system anyway?

A riser card and extender is included in the box when you got your system 50.

This doesn’t sound like a problem the forum can help you with…

It is good for the rest of us to know that there is that capability in the System 50 though. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Tony: Well the box is long gone at this point. Any way to get that from sangoma?

Cynjut: while forum can’t help directly, it’s the only way to find out what other people have done with the same model.

I think we might have a few laying around. The PBX 50 was End of Life 1.5 years ago and all out of warranty so no guarantee.

Send me a PM and I can take a look for you

I just looked. We do have some and they are in our portal/store Click on Store > Hardware > Misc Items > PBX 50 Items

Thanks Tony- placed the order.
I thought I purchased that unit at end of 2015. What’s the end of life/end of support timelines for servers?

The PBX 50 was announced end of support for Dec 2015 as it was replaced by the PBX 60

Well, I got the PCI riser specified (via the storefront) and it has the problem that I described. Photos are attached.
The first is of the riser installed:

and the second has the card installed, connected to the opening in the case.

The slot doesn’t line up with the case. So if this was the option that shipped with the system, then nobody has one working with a card in the slot with breaking out the pliers and refashioning a faceplate. What’s the solution?

Someone missed shipping the spacer to you. We have a spacer add-on. Again both were included in the box.

You can open a Customer service ticket and show the pics and ask them to ship you one for free.