How to indicate which hostS to send incoming calls?


I’ve been trying to setup inbound calls with a provider that doesn’t seem to provide any support for FreePBX setups.
When I have enabled to received anonymous calls the incoming calls are OK.
Those are my USER details:

secret=my password here

As I want to disble the anonymous calls I changed the above to:
fromuser=my username here
secret=my password here

and it worked fine for a couple of calls however on subsequent calls it did not!
The reason was that the subsequent calls where sent to me by a different IP (

After checking with my service provider I was told that there a range of IPs that I have to include in order to accept calls from them. The question is how to declare those in the ibcoming settings window?

Any help is much appreciated!



You will need to make a new trunk (like your example above) for each IP that the provider has.

The provider has 11 IPs (!) so before I make 11 trunks I am wondering if this is the ONLY proper way of dealing with this issue.
Is it?


Nope, I would leave the host field blank and match on something else.

Remember building a peer (trunk) is a matter of the least amount of parameters to uniquely qualify the inbound message. The fromdomain variable is where I would start. The below link has all Asterisk SIP channel peer and general valid settings.