How to increases Dial out pause time +FreePBX

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running into an issue : - when dialing from handset , I have to dial real quick or call kicks me out.
How can I increases that wait time if someone is really slow or take a pause to think for next digits to dial whole number ?
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Generally that would be in the phone’s ‘dial-string’ , most will have a inter-digit timeout and a full timeout setting if the dialed pattern is not a complete match. if the dial-string is ‘proper’, then only a matching dialed string would be accepted and sent until the full timeout has expired (or, commonly, you end the string with #)

Perhaps if you identify your ‘handset’ there might be a more complete suggestion.

Thanks for your replay dicko.
I am using Vsets handset for this.
and my dial patterns are wit prefix 9 but as soon as I dial 9 XXX and take a little pause to think for next number , kicks me out from call.

I am not familiar with ‘vsets’ perhaps you can provide a link as to any documentation.

I don’t think I need to set anything on Handset because If I set that Vsets to diffrent Asterisk it is working good.
My problem is with dial out from my extension is not allowing me to pause for a second in 10 digits numbers. I have to dial all 10 digits really quick.

What is your “diffrent Asterisk” (sic) ?

different server.

Which is?

Are you using analogue or SIP phones? Whilst not saying can normally be interpreted as meaning SIP, in which case the previous reply is the correct one, there have been one or two recent posting where the answer turned out to be analogue and that was relevant to their problem

analogue for me too.

How is the analog phone connected to FreePBX (ATA, card in server, etc.)?

card in server

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