How to Increase output volume freebpx 14?

I’m writing here because after i read some other treads, i still have no damn clue on what to do to fix my problem…
Customers continue to complain that the call volume is low (even if we call them from different brand / model phones) and I have no idea how to remedy this problem!
is there anyone kind enough to help me?


Can you clarify your setup, trunks, ATA, SIP, etc.?

I’m sorry but I can tell you only that i have analog telephone lines, a gateway to change the signal to digital ( and a computer that runs Asteriks; and not so much more…
im really ignorant in this kind of stuff, im already surprised i managed to put the system up and make it works…
if you make more specific question i think i can give you better and less generic answares!

tx and rx setting locations are documented in the manusl, page 14 in my case

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i can find only 2 info

and this wich seems what i need to follow: Analog- Audio Issues - Telephony Cards - Documentation

the problem is that i’m struggling way too much to “Open /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf”
i can SSh into the pbx (trough PuTTY) but then i have really no clue on what to do… i google a lot and tried the two following comands, having no result/suxcess!
could you please explain a little more?


edit: as i keep googling, i found this (DAHDI - Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface (DAHDI) - Asterisk Project Wiki) and now i better understand what DAHDI is… well, i have nothing of this type in my system! so now i have even less clue on what i should do to set higher TX gains

final edit and solution: in my case i have a gateway between analog telephone lines and the pbx, and i just found the setting here as shown below

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